Photography is a way of seeing, and that makes me both a documentary and fine art photographer. I was introduced to darkroom photography by my father when I was barely tall enough to see into the developing trays. And b&w darkroom photography has been my love for many years. Only recently have I begun experimenting with digital cameras and the transition to Lightroom.

I photograph people at work, patterns in nature, what we see when we are look beyond what we first encounter. I am attracted to contrasts, humor, the telling detail, decisive moments ... and indecisive ones, as well. When I travel to foreign countries, I find that I photograph the same types of things as I photograph at home--people as they reveal themselves in their daily lives, contrasts, how light affects ordinary objects, moments in time that speak in a visual voice.

My background is communications and public relations, editing and writing. In retirement, I have been involved in the management of two Rhode Island arts organizations--The Portsmouth Arts Guild and the Providence Singers--and now I am affiliated with Gallery A3 in Amherst, MA.


For a view of my other interests, see the new, 40th Anniversary edition of The Book of Looms, recently republished by Brandeis University Press, still the definitive work on hand loom history.